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The Only Non-Invasive Continuous Respiratory Volume Monitoring System in the World

The EPG, short for ElectroPulmonoGram, is the only non-invasive continuous respiratory volume monitoring system in the world.

The CoreSpironEPG system– a non-invasive continuous respiratory volume monitoring system is being introduced into the Chinese market by Corestone Biosciences in collaboration with Respiratory Motion Inc.

The CoreSpironEPG system is the only one in China that provides real-time and continuous monitoring of pulmonary ventilation for non-intubated patients, supplementing the deficiency of monitoring of the respiratory rate.Respiratory sign is the only one in the four vital signs (breathing, body temperature, blood pressure and pulse) that still cannot be measured autonomously and continuously.

TheEPG system provides real-timecontinuous measurements of minute ventilation (MV), tidal volume (TV) and respiratory rate (RR) for non-intubated patients. Minute ventilation, MV, is the most direct indicator of respiratory status. The EPG is as simple and easy to use as EKG (Electrocardiography).

The EPG system has a wide variety of clinical applications, such as pre-operative evaluation of general anesthesia, intra-operative monitoringof non-general anesthesia patients, and in PACU, emergency room, ICU, procedural sedation (e.g., endoscopy, colonoscopy) etc.


·Quick: MV is the leading and most comprehensive indicator for respiratory depression

·Actionable: Real-time respiratory function indicator to assist clinical decision-making

·Accurate: Compared with the gold standard, the spirometer, the accuracy of the EPG results is over 90%

·Patient Friendly: Non-invasive, easy to use and comfortable for patients


ECRI, a world-renowned medical device evaluation institution, carried out an evaluation in 2016 on respiratory monitoring devices to monitor opioid-induced respiratory depression (OIRD) occurrences in patients who were receiving opioid doses. The evaluation concluded that the RMI's ExSpiron (equivalent to the CoreSpiron System) was superior to other types of respiratory monitoring devices.

Precision Anesthesia – Anchoring Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block System (CPNB)

Anchoring continuous peripheral nerve block (CPNB) system is an advanced precision regional anesthesia catheter developed by Ancora Inc.

Anchoring continuous peripheral nerve block system is an upgraded product of the existing CPNB products for acute pain management during and after surgery. Ancora's CPNB system is to be used in local anesthesia, surgery, trauma, and obstetrics etc.

The main testing of the anchoring continuous peripheral nerve block system has been completed. The application of FDA 510(K) has been submitted for FDA approval.


·Precise: Anchored design ensures precise positioning and anti-migration

·Smart Design: A specially designed uncouple replaces bandaging 

                          to prevent catheter migration, kinking and leaking back

·Simple to use: 3 steps only

·Cost effective: Reduce number of days of hospital stay and medical cost