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About Us

Corestone Biosciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is an innovation-driven high-tech company. We are located at Zhongguancun Life Science Park in Beijing. Our coreteam members are experienced in technology innovation, development and business management. We own a number of global intellectual property rights in our chosen fields.

Corestone Biosciences is committed to becoming a world's leading anesthetic medical device provider in respiratory monitoring and acute pain management.

Corestone Biosciences set up a joint venture – CoreSpiron Co.,Ltd. in China with Respiratory Montion Inc.(RMI),an leading innovator in the field of respiratory monitoring and the JV provides a non-invasive continuous respiratory volume monitoring system for China.

Meanwhile, Corestone Biosciences completed its investment and acquisition of Ancora Inc. and established a R&D center in the United States. Ancora is a medical device company co-founded by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and Stanford University. The company focuses on anesthesia and perioperative pain management and developed the world's leading continuous peripheral nerve block technology.

Corestone Biosciences'achievements in innovation were acknowledged by Beijing Municipal Government and the company was awarded the"Beijing Excellent Start-Up Project 2017"and the"Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Promotion Project" in 2017.